Maximum Business Growth for Women

One of the most important decisions that you can take as a female business owner is to invest in yourself. The knowledge and insights you get through training and coaching never disappear and will last forever. Start with this book however because it is full with tips and insights of the author who has been in business 28 years so far.

What you gain from the book

  • You will have a laser-sharp focus.
  • The brand position of your business will grow immensely in a few years.
  • You will achieve your goals and have a good grip throughout the process.
  • You will have a team of people who work for you and not just go to work.
  • Your customers will be very satisfied. They will pay good prices and recommend your business.
  • The customers who cost a lot of time and stress will go to your competitors.
  • Your revenue will grow with big leaps every year.
  • The balance between your work and private life will be exactly the way you want it to be.

35 % of the Business Women have a turnover of less than € 25.000. That is not a business but a hobby

Business Women get less access to (men with) capital and therefore they restrict their businesses from expansion

From all the major business deals which are closed in the world, ONLY 1 % go to women

Women tend to position themselves weaker than men, even when their service is much better

One of the biggest problems of women is perfectionism. It stops them from starting early. Therefore they miss opportunities and cannot create momentum as fast as men do

About the author

Tineke Rensen

Tineke Rensen was the only female entrepreneur in her industry since 1990. Therefore, she learned to do business the masculine way. It is a successful way. She also became the national champion in her sport white water kayaking. And competed at world level.

Whenever she encountered women, she saw they had a different approach. It did not match her definition of success, which was very masculine. When she started to develop her feminine skills in business she saw another definition of success. She soon realised that the combination of the masculine and feminine way is the best way to have success in business. She also saw that many women needed to improve the masculine skills to get the business they desire. So, she sold her business and started teaching these masculine business skills to businesswomen all over the world. She is a trainer, speaker and international bestselling author.


A book that I grant every female entrepreneur

“I have read this book with a lot of pleasure and recognition. I grant this book to every entrepreneur even to male business owners. But you have to have the skill to look in the mirror and look at yourself and your business. Then this book will help you tremendously”.

Jaqueline Zuidweg

Jaqueline Zuidweg

BusinessWomen of the year 2012 (Netherlands)
Zuidweg & Partners

Learn how to work relaxed even when you are very busy

“I usually take no time to read books. Most books don't’ challenge me enough. But this one I wanted to finish immediately. There was a lot of recognition. The tips and tools that are in the book are very practical and can be used in any type of business.”.

Floor Vogels

Floor Vogels

Bon Floor

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